The VCLC Team

Terry Sidhu

Life Coach & Founder of VanCity Life Coach Inc,

Terry launched his life coaching practice off of the success of his blog, The Lion’s Life, rated one of the top 100 life blogs. After officially launching his company, VanCity Life Coach Inc. in 2014, Terry quickly became recognized as one of the top Life Coaches in Vancouver, Canada, and has since expanded his practice internationally. W: 

Specializing in:

Life Coaching | Relationship Coaching | Life Coach Training | Group Coaching | Integration Coaching 

Life Coach - Sonia Hayre

Sonia Hayre

Life Coach & Manager, VanCity Life Coach Inc.

Sonia is all about female empowerment and taking ownership of life. Having raised 3 very strong willed and independent young adults, and a successful 25+ years of marriage, Sonia's lifetime dedication to her family shaped her to be an ideal Life Coach. .


Specializing in:

Life Coaching (Women) | Relationship Coaching | Family Coaching