Coaching Services


Our work involves empowering your identity to guide your life into fulfillment. With a variety of coaching options available, we'll cater a program that'll help you achieve your coaching goals.

  • Learn How to Effectively Evaluate and Reflect
  • Revive Your Identity and Establish Your Purpose
  • Identify Changes and Define Your Life Missions
  • Set and Start Work Toward Your Goals
  • Develop A Healthy Mindset and an Optimistic Outlook on Life
  • Boost Motivation and Increase Productivity
  • Improve Confidence and Learn to Trust Yourself
  • Tackle Insecurity and Self-Doubt
  • Learn to Manage your Mental Health


Many pressures, both internal and external can influence problems inside of your relationship. We'll help you and/or your partner overcome the troubles caused by your differences, and guide you through the challenges you're dealing with.

  • Learn How to Identify and Overcome Recurring Problems
  • Better Communicate to Your Partner
  • Restore Balance and Partnership
  • Strengthen Trust and Honesty
  • Explore How Your Relationship Has Evolved
  • Understand How Personal Motivations Impact Your Relationship
  • Reconnect You to Your Relationships Purpose
  • Revive Your Individual Identities
  • Overcome Break-Ups and Deal with Separation


When individuals are together in a unit, it’s important to regularly evaluate and communicate openly to minimize conflict. We'll help you and your family/group unit* develop a stronger bond, and come together as a bonded team.

  • Understand Individual Strengths
  • Learn How to Create a Safe and Comfortable Environment for Open Communication
  • Improve Communication Between Family/Group Members
  • Establish How Individual Identities Impact One Another
  • Identify How Each Person Contributes to The Unit
  • Set and Start Work Toward Group Goals
  • Learn How to Effectively Evaluate and Reflect
  • Boost Motivation and Increase Productivity


As our expertise and experience continues to grow, we now offer the following services as independent programs: 

  • Recovery Coaching (Addiction Recovery)
  • Integration Coaching (Integrating Life Changing/Affirming Experiences)
  • Youth/Young Adult Mentoring Programs (Life and Mental Health Management)
  • Community Support Services (Workshops and Topical Talks with Local Communities)
  • Human Resource Support (Assisting HR Teams with Employee Development)

"A year ago I was lost and didn't have any direction, now I'm travelling and discovering my own path!"

Cristina L., Moldova


"I really, genuinely, have a blueprint for my entire life...  It's literally changed my life!"

Andrew C., USA


"It made me realize how to have a more balanced, more fulfilling and more enjoyable life."

Pritika G., Canada