For all booking inquiries please: Call: (+1) 604-362-0695 or, E-mail: to schedule a free consultation.


Personal Coaching

Invite me into your life and I'll lead you into fulfillment.

Whether you're looking for a boost in motivation and esteem, or needing to renew your lease on life. My personal coaching sessions and coaching packages, are structured around your needs and requirements.

  • Hourly Coaching Sessions
  • Session Packages 
  • Email and Text Support
  • Post-Program Evaluation
  • Post-Program Follow-up

Online Coaching

Let's connect and I'll guide you on your way.

The same life coaching program available wherever you are. Having worked with individuals around the globe, my online coaching services will help navigate you to the emotional experiences we all desire from life.

  • Hourly Online-Coaching Sessions
  • Online-Session Packages
  • Email and Text Support
  • Post-Program Evaluation
  • Post-Program Follow-up

Group CoachinG

Attend my workshop and I'll teach you how to manage the unimaginable. 

Learn how to harness your potential, plan your life, and develop your aspirations based on the traits of your identity. Be a part of a community of support, as you navigate through this life affirming program.

  • 8-Week Coaching Program:
    • 60-90 min Group Sessions x 7
    • Personal Coaching Session x 1
  • Online Group Support
  • Post-Program Social