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Learn how to meditate for FREE!

Listen up Vancouver, if you can breathe, you can meditate!

If your life as you know it started falling apart, would you still be you?

The West Coast is riddled with individuals using meditation as tool to promote self-worth instead of a tool for attaining it. Social media, media in general, is turning us against our own minds.

With anxiety and depression growing at a rapid rate, and self loathing leading to destructive relationships, it's time we began taking self-realization seriously.

I've had to learn to appreciate life, and I have meditation to thank for that. In fact, meditation has saved my life more time than I care to admit, because it it keeps my mind intact.

We're all quick to take a pill or the quick fix where our minds are concerned, but just like training for a marathon, it takes time and practice to get your mind to a specific level of function.

Now I'm incredibly thankful for the life I have and the mind I own, and to honour and appreciate life, I put this FREE meditation course online so that I hope soon, you can realize the value of yours.

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Oh, and it's cannabis-friendly too, which makes meditating so much easier! #420meditation/@420meditation