7 Lessons I’ve Learned from Great People in History

History I enjoy history, I love reading about great people and their contributions to society. I’m in awe of how people have shaped and impacted the world in a positive way.

Mandella, Da Vinci, Turing,  Angelou, Tesla, Einstein, Godiva, Ghandi, Udham, Aristotle and Hypatia are a handful of examples, legends that have left an imprint on humanity. This post is a dedication to the many greats that have determined their own successes by sticking to their core beliefs.

  1. Get Noticed

I think at some point in the life of any big dreamer, the people around them thought they had completely lost their mind. Getting noticed for being radical, taking risks and being different has proven to pay off. Getting noticed is probably the most common trait shared among everyone documented in the history books. Get noticed for your work and embrace your individuality as you do have the potential to reach masses of people. Originality makes history, not replicas.

  1. Make A Positive Impact on the Lives of Others

Emperor, Freedom Fighter, Storyteller, Inventor or Inspirer…whatever the cause, there was always a motive to impact the lives of others. Be it emotionally, physically or just to make someone’s life easier. Having a genuine desire to help others and make peoples' lives better will increase your chances  of success and enhance your network. Helping people through ones music by uplifting spirits, motivating and inspiring people with your blog, or even developing products that make people’s lives more efficient are further examples of how you can make your cause relate to the prosperity of humanity.

  1. Never Satisfied - Look for Ways to Improve

I am my biggest critic. I was reading stories about great poets and storytellers, I compared artists’ early work to their most famed pieces. I noticed how their dedication to their craft improved their work, for instance; musicians experimenting with new genres to broaden their sound and their reach. There are all sorts of ways to improve your work. The day your satisfied is the day you become complacent, which is where you will begin to decline.

  1. Have a Definitive Goal

“I have a dream…” a quote from a great man never satisfied with anything less than that dream; need I say more? 

  1. Never give up

Turn to inventors for good examples. Giving up guarantees failure and secures your title as such, so do the exact opposite and you will succeed. Stick to your beliefs, your goals and succeed in your mission. Each failure is another lesson learned, how many times does a child fall, before he/she learns to walk? You’ll win eventually so keep at it!

  1. No Fear

The hardest of all. Fear comes from a lack of control the less control you have the more fear you hold onto. You can take control and release that fear by learning and obtaining knowledge; it is a very easy way to weaken fear. Having a fearless attitude shields you from negativity, it keeps your mind still, focused and free. Don’t be crippled by fear and if all else fails…fake it til’ you make it; wear Confidence as your cologne/perfume until you start to ooze it.

  1. Think Openly

Just when you thought the Internet had everything, along came Twitter; just as they thought the Earth was flat, open thinkers proved otherwise. Your ability to think openly and explore your curiosities could open the doors to discoveries and new missions. Think openly and let your mind explore, allow your opinions and even your beliefs to be challenged and you too may find your path to success and unveil the very opportunity you were looking for.

Vancouver Relationship and Life Coach