How a New Environment Can Stimulate Creativity and Trigger Motivation


Most of my writing is done at home, surrounded by the comfort of familiarity and the subtle joy of solitude. However today I write from a nearby city, I've been here but 5 minutes and already I'm feeling a surge of new ideas.

Later on I'll be meeting friends which gives me the next few hours to keep my mind on what I came here to accomplish. I was reading one of my old blog posts, about ways to stimulate creativity and I decided to take my own advice and explore a new environment and stimulate my mind. So I booked into a hotel and decided to turn a quick trip down the road to see friends into a weekend long getaway.

Sometimes, when I'm in the same place for too long my mind feels like it's stuck in a cycle, the same idea will circulate round and round and the pace of progression gets slower and slower. Next thing I know I'm in the kitchen about to grab another snack, or down to the local cafe to grab my 3rd cup of coffee.

For the most part I manage to get things done, but when I evaluate I feel like I should have reached my objectives sooner. The moment I walked into my hotel room, I threw  my bag in the closet and immediately started to jot down notes. Notes about my book, ideas for new blog posts and miscellaneous items relating to my goals.

The excitement of exploring a new environment and being away from home has spurred on fresh thought. There are so many things that are unfamiliar around here, that my mind feels like it's getting a workout and I'm feeling that nervous spirit that I had when I started my first blog post, which is good because I had missed that.

It's like everything is new to me again, although my process for writing is the same and my goals are still the same, the challenge seems somewhat different. It's odd; I'm also starting to feel more like myself the more time I spend here and it has nothing to do with where I am, but more so, where I am not.

On the other hand, I get to look at home objectively and it's absolutely wonderful to know what I have. It's making me appreciate what I have back home, knowing and understanding what I have to go back to and I've never felt more motivation is triggered and I'm seizing this opportunity very naturally.

Being away from home truly allows me to be focused solely on my own aspirations. I don't have to play the part of brother, uncle, home owner, mentor, friend or whatever many other roles I have to fulfill as part of my duties back home.

I encourage everyone to give it a go and stimulate your perhaps tired mind because everyone deserves their "me time." This dog has been let off the leash and is free to explore; my identity has been fully restored and my vision is clear, I feel more focused and more at home than ever.

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10 Ways in Which You Can Beat Procrastination


We all have those moments when we know we have time to nurture our goals but we choose to procrastinate, we avoid doing anything because it’s easy not to do it. However if you really want something out of life and you’re willing to put in the work, then you need to find ways to avoid procrastination and get things done…

1. Diet - When I ditched the cola for green tea, swapped the chocolate bar for a piece of fruit and I restricted food indulgences to celebrations and rewards, I became more productive. What you put in your body really makes a difference to your mind. If you’re consuming a lot of sugar for instance then you will eventually crash and energy levels will just drop.

2. Limit indulgences to rewards - I'm a huge Netflix fan, I love dramas and documentaries but when you’re hooked on a TV show where each episode is one hour-long, it really limits the time available for taking action towards your goals. Now, I limit things I enjoy doing that have zero impact on my goals, as a reward for taking action towards my goal. For example: To earn one episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ I have to write something new, be it a blog post, page of my book or chapter. I'm getting into the habit of earning everyday indulgences.

3. People – Read my post about how the energy around you affects your ambition. If you’re around people who just sit around waiting for life to kick in then move away from them. If it’s your family and/or the people you live with, then lock yourself away, or go out and find a place where you can spend time on your goals. Avoid following negative examples and be very much aware of any negativity around you.

4. Move - Exercise, dance, skip, walk, jump. If you're a singer, pace as you sing, if you’re reading, walk around as you read. The more your body is used to movement the more uncomfortable you are just sitting down doing nothing.

5. Schedule - Make a schedule and make it full but easy to follow, do not allow room for excuses to put something off so schedule your down time too. The more I plan to do something the more likely I am going to do it.

6. Avoid Routine, Routines get boring and before you know it, you’re stuck in a behavioral pattern you struggle to break free from. You may have a framework to live with (e.g Work commitments and kids etc) but mix it up wherever you can. The less your life feels like a routine the more energetic you’re going to feel.

7. Avoid the same places and Schedule your life in way that keeps your mind active, for example I’ll try to write in new locations I have never explored before.

8. Imagine how life will look if you continue to let in the demon of procrastination in. Pretty s*** right? Your actions will impact your future, think about that.

9. Turn to those who are influenced by you. It allows you to see yourself from someone else’s point of view, what example are you setting to others. Do you want those that look up to you see you procrastinate? Be an inspiration not a let down!

10. Turn to your motivational triggers, Crank up the music, look to your roots, to anything and everything that inspires you to aim high for the things you want out of life.

Let me know how life turns out once you decide to get up off your arse and begin do something with me, it'll look a lot better.

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6 Rules You Can Follow, That Will Help You Believe In Yourself

Self Belief
Self Belief

One of the biggest hurdles to pursuing your passions is believing in yourself. Here's some rules of mine to help you overcome that.

Rule#1  - Start your own path

For the longest time I put off pursing my passions to follow a path that others dominated. I saw other people take certain steps towards their aspirations and rather than developing the mind-set of starting my own journey, it seemed to make more sense to follow/mimic somebody else's.

I was wrong. I needed to stick by my own passions if I truly wanted my own success. I didn't want to follow the path of the family man, or the big shot corporate guy, nor the broke artistic guy nor did I want to fit into any stereotype. I didn't want to be so easily defined so I took a vow to set out my own rules with my own identity and let that guide my success.

Rule#2 - Drop everyone's expectations

Shed the expectations people have of you. Shed the burden of living up to someone else's design of your life. I place emphasis on, more than anything, the importance of living life your own way. Here's why: if you live life by living up to someone else's expectations then you relinquish control to someone who can never understand what you truly want, because nobody can.

Be sure to expect the best for yourself and determine what would make you happy and take charge of your own life. Yeah sure by all means accept help and guidance when you need it, but know when you need it and when you don't. You want to believe in yourself? Get to know yourself.

Rule#3 - Learn how to handle challenges

Challenges vary, but consider all things that you find difficult, all things that make you feel inadequate and all the negative impacts from life as your challenges to overcome, not burdens to live with. You need a positive way to work through them, faced with a tough task? Perhaps break it down into small easier tasks. Finding it difficult to handle negative comments? Then use that negative energy and drive it in your passions; there is nothing wrong with wanting to prove people wrong, so long it's with your actions.

How you handle each and every challenge life throws at you will determine your ability to actually succeed. Trust me on this one, challenges are like tests, how you handle them determine whether you pass or fail.

Rule#4 - Overcome your problems - learn to fight

People always have two options when dealing with issues and problems. It's the classic fight or flight, you face them and deal with them head on, or you avoid them and run away from them. If you choose the latter you will never feel like you believe in yourself, because each and every problem needs a solution. Fix them, you may not even want to, but you have to, failure to do so will only further prove you can't handle what it is you want from life.

Rule#5 - Consistent activity - engage in your passions

There is something you want and you probably believe you won't get it. Put that belief aside for now and just carry on. If you want to pursue something and you believe it won't happen, just continue to engage in your passion regularly. The more knowledge you gain and the more you throw yourself into the world of your passions, that glimmer of hope you hold onto, will get brighter.

You will slowly tip the balance from self-doubt to self belief. You'll notice that your haters will not be able to challenge you as much and that your disbelievers can't deny you anymore because each time you engage, your closing that gap between yourself and your dream.


Rule#6 - Find supporters and surf the wave of encouragement...

...even if it's your Nan, or your dentist or some random stranger in a coffee shop that struck up a conversation because of mutual interest- there are plenty of opportunities to find encouragement. When you do come across it, accept it, don't deny is totally OK to let others believe in you if you might not do so right now. Don't disprove them.

The energy you receive is based on the energy you put out there, so if your focused on your passion and its evident, people will eventually notice and start believing in you, even if you might not right now. Follow this rule and watch your confidence grow and you will begin to believe in yourself the sooner you accept that others do.

3 Things To Remember When Doubters Cast Their Discouraging Shadow

shadowI often wonder why some people seem to be surprised when they hear about my aspirations and the pursuit of my goals.

Now I know I'm not exactly there yet, but I am on my way. I see my life shaping out exactly how I wanted it to, right before my eyes and I still find myself engaging with people that are still unconvinced.

So, forget them. Right? Wrong, understand them.

One thing I learned about pursuing my dream, is that I'm pursuing my dream. I would often get discouraged or offended when people would speak to me in that tone of voice, you know the one where what they're saying isn't what they're thinking.

Well, what I understand now, is that people can only agree with you to a certain extent and this is with anything. Most people can, and only will agree with you to the extent of their understanding, which is why you will always be hit with so many different reactions.

People place the probability of your dream becoming a reality based on the facts that they have or haven't acquired.  So long as you continue to learn and grow, develop your skills and talents, and are making the most out of every opportunity, you'll get to where you want to be.

Remember, it's a difficult task to get everyone on the same page as you, so don't let what people assume affect your ambition and focus on making your dream a reality.

So long as you give it your all and don't give up, you will succeed.

The 3 things you need to remember:

1. You're pursuing your dream for yourself, whether others benefit or not. Your dream is catered to you and your passions, so some people may not understand it or will have a hard time believing it.

2. You determine your own level of success, so do not let others influence that. Your results are dependent on your efforts, but be prepared to fight off negative influences.

3. Doubters will always exist, because so many others give up. So many people try their hand at pursuing their lifelong ambitions but the moment they give up they pour energy into doubters.

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Live Your Dream: Invest Your Time Wisely


Make a Splash! Remember when we were kids and we used to aimlessly jump into puddles, I remember I used to go out my way to find these shallow patches of water to make the biggest splash that I could. I’d get so carried away until I had completely drenched my socks misjudging the depth, but I didn’t care. I remember it being so thrilling because I was doing what I wanted to do, regardless of being told otherwise and each time it felt like some sort of accomplishment. Recently this random thought had stuck with me for a while and I noticed how differently many of us live our lives today. How many of us can honestly say we seek that thrill and want to make that impact? Don’t get me wrong I understand that we have responsibilities now and commitments that we never had before, but surely there’s still enough time to jump into a puddle now and then; investing time into shaping the life we want to lead will positively impact on our lives.

Do we invest enough time towards building the life we want to live and the way we want to live it? We continue to follow the same routine daily only to realize how much time we could have spent investing into our true goals. Things had recently settled down for me and I began to feel incredibly uncomfortable; surely working everyday and paying bills on time every month isn't what people have evolved to. I know there is so much more I want from life because there's so much more that life has to offer. I’m at a point now where I've met a lot of goals and now I’m ready to aim higher. I’m ready to jump into even bigger puddles.

I find it absolutely frustrating when I come across people who are willing to invest more time deciding on what type of partner they want before carving out an identity of their own. I find it disheartening when I see parents spend more time in a furniture store deciding on which coffee table to purchase rather than nurturing the minds of their offspring. I also find it bizarre how people can tell me more about other individuals, but can hardly piece two sentences together about themselves. At what point did this change, we start lives off so care-free and so individual to only have our identities consumed by the routines we follow. Somehow we decide to be a little more careful and take fewer risks; we find more time for the most insignificant decisions over investing time in shaping our own lives because we’re either afraid of failure or just learn that we simply can’t.

I turn to the people I admire today and am in awe of what they have achieved because it all started with a risk. Looking into a bold move and diving into a new challenge, they never allow themselves to become complacent and always aim higher. Never feeling they've hit their peak and investing their time wisely by seeking opportunity and focusing on goals by drowning out the pollution around them. My sister is probably one of the strongest willed people I know; a description of hell would probably sound like a vacation compared to the ups and downs she has faced in life, but nothing has stopped her from aiming higher to prove to herself, not to anybody else, that she can create a life that she is truly satisfied with.

Had a random conversation about the universe today and the topic lead to how minute our lives are in comparison to time and space, I thought to myself, f*** that! That notion doesn't work for me, I may be only one out of about 7 billion people on this planet but I’m going to make pretty damn sure that this “one” makes an impact on himself and actually lives. There’s already too many irritated souls filling this planet with doubt and negativity not realizing that the benefits of today came from the ones who made a big splash yesterday.  I’m not saying I want my name to go down in the history books and I don't adopt this mind-set purely for others to know who I am and what I’m about. I simply know what I can achieve for myself. Prove to myself that this life is worth more than a routine. Life shouldn't be wasted walking around puddles taking the safer route, just jump right in and make that splash!

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Live Your Dream - Understand the Energy Connecting Passion and Belief

Image There’s a strong connection between passion and belief and depending on where you start, the energy will transfer and ignite the other, carrying the motivations which aid your goals.

Passion Impacting Belief

Having passion is like having learning tools; it’s the stuff that generates desires, our wants and needs. When we’re passionate about something we want to know more about it, we instinctively progress and naturally understand it and it’s as if our body and soul already knows what it wants and how to get it. Then energy from passion drives itself directly into belief. A belief holds what is true and what is real; executing life with passion will generate and encourage belief.

Sometimes believing can connote the distance between you and your ultimate goal but you can bridge that gap by pursuing passions.  I speak to people every single day that find it extremely tough to talk openly about their aspirations, because of the fear of it not happening. They lack the belief because they can’t, won’t or don’t apply passion to what they currently pursue, so like the image above, their life is seemingly motionless. Pursuing passion gives you something to believe in; passion is the force behind the validity of a belief, it allows you to set goals in motion to attain success. If you notice people living their dreams you’ll notice they invested in their passions and made their passions their life, leading them to success and happiness.

Belief Engaging Passion

A failure to believe or weak beliefs tend to affect the impact on engaging passion. I found having a strong belief led me to something I was passionate about. I hadn’t discovered or even thought writing was an option for me, but what got me here was a strong belief in that I will one day be sharing what I know to guide others. I pursued many different avenues and I discovered my passion for writing. If you can truly believe in your dreams, then you’ll set the goals to shape that belief and it’ll lead you to your passion. It seems a bit radical but a belief is a vital tool to carry along with you on your journey towards success. It allows you to explore opportunities and overcome challenges.

To put this more simply, a belief is like the destination and passion is like the mode of transportation. If you know where you’re going then you need to source out the best way to get there. On the other hand, you may already have a way to get somewhere but you just need to consider where you’re going.

Motivation and Setting Goals


There’s an eagerness and interest that we hold in each passion and belief, it’s is why we’re motivated by them. Relating back to my previous post on motivation, passions and beliefs are great motivational triggers and when motivated, we’re inspired to set and work on goals.

Lastly, whichever way we begin, passions and beliefs will always require action to be successful. Knowing this is just an insight and like Newton’s Cradle, to see it work, you need to take action for the energy to travel through. One will always continue to impact the other, so execute passion in all that you do and start to believe in what you can achieve. Allow your passion to encourage your belief and encourage your belief to pursue you passion.


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How to Connect To Your Goals Emotionally

We all have our own destinations in life and we can always picture how things are going to look: who we’re going to end up with, the lifestyle were going to live, the career we’ll be in or even the house were going to live in. Like most people, that destination stemmed from a visual appeal - the end result is often associated with what has been seen or perhaps experienced by others. Therefore, stimulus that has been seen forms the basis and the desired outcome of one’s own goal. Very simple examples: you see a car you really like, so you picture yourself in that car, driving that car or buying that car, so you want that car – Goal set. Or, perhaps you’re watching a movie and you desire that romance you saw onscreen in your own relationship? You find yourself on a mission to find it – Goal set. You get the idea. I want to talk about the emotional connection that we tend to expect (because of the visual) but very rarely experience or even take the time to think about. How is it going to feel when you get what you want and during the journey toward it? It sort of links back to my past posting on ‘motivation’ and those reminders I mentioned – music made me feel good and put me in a great mood. I want to feel like that when I get to where I want to be, the emotion is real, so I latch these feelings I experience onto my goals. I've always envisioned myself with my successes but I never really took the time to think about how I would feel when I have them. Now that I do - that glimmer of light becomes a lot brighter.

Link your future prospects to the emotions you feel now. If getting that high-flying career is going to make you happy, then when you feel happy think of the career - motivate yourself in that moment and give yourself that extra boost of confidence. Just like conditioning a response, associate real emotions to your goals. Make goals feel more real and attainable; turn them into more than just an image of how you see yourself.

Even when things get tough and you feel that struggle, apply it! Apply it to all the challenges you expect to face in the future and the challenges you will come across. Each goal achieved means you’ll be setting the bar higher for the next one. Life will never get easy, how you deal with it will. For example, I mentioned this to a friend of mine who is on a mission to lose a lot of weight, the work outs are challenging but I told him when he gets his new image, maintaining it would be the next hard part.

Lastly, help boost the energy of your goal by taking real steps available to you now. If you imagine yourself in a big house in the country, then go view some big houses in the country, soak up the feelings of excitement and attach it, then set the objectives in motion to get you there. Take a test drive of the car you want, research the jobs you want to apply for, offer time to the people you want to help. There are always steps you can take right now to stimulate emotion and remember to welcome challenges with open arms too. Because those challenges will make achieving your goals worthwhile.

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How the Energy Around You Affects Your Ambition

I hadn't written anything new in a while, I was supposed to start the new year at full speed but for some reason I faltered. After some reflection I realized that I had lost the energy I used to surround myself with. As I’m climbing my way back up I had noticed that the people around me, the places I was visiting and what I was doing in my spare time were pulling me away from what I really wanted out of life.

A lot of people have mentioned it before in some form of another: that you should surround yourself with people who bring the best out of you. It makes sense, we shouldn't be hanging around with folk that bring you down and doubt your path in any way. Same goes with places, be in places that ooze opportunity and success, don’t hang about if you’re not motivated. We all feed off of our surroundings and if those surroundings conflict with our goals then we need to alter them. If you’re unsure, begin by delving into unknown territory, it’s better to be active and look for the best environment suited for you rather than waiting for it to turn up.

Surrounding yourself with the right energy is like having your goals and successes floating around you in reach, reminding you of where you’re headed. It’s important; I just worked my arse off to achieve one objective, now that objective had been met I lost track a little, I basked in that one achievement and forgot there’s still a lot more steps I have to take. Through the success of achieving one goal I had somehow surrounded myself with energy that had affected my ambition to aim higher. So I’m getting my head back in the game and this is how I shall begin.

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