The Courage Found in Creativity


Our imagination can take our minds to places we never thought possible. We all have this beautifully engineered component which gives us the capability to, safely and securely, explore alternate realities and ideate to our hearts content.

It’s through exercising this ability we’ve been able to progress and evolve as a civilization. Many of the things we take for granted today, are the result of someone courageous enough to pluck an idea from an obscure reality and make it real.

One of my favorite pieces of advice to share with people who lack courage - is to create. Creativity is the key to unlocking our minds and understanding our own identities. It’s the opportunity and freedom to be ourselves as we explore the world within.

Being creative; that first brush stroke or note, that first idea or theory,  that first movement or moment…it’s like switching on an engine, shifting into first gear and beginning that journey towards courage.

Engaging in our creative abilities allows us to confidently explore the truth within and explore the depth of our potential. As we shift into higher gears and really begin to indulge our identities, as we navigate through the limitless multiverse that is our imagination, we’ll begin to see sense in our creations and stimulate a unique purpose for our own lives.

We all start our lives living on instinct and raw emotion. As children we have that confidence and courage to explore and be open and expressive. As children we yearn to be understood and accepted, yet as we grow older, the paradigm shifts as we climb into a box and try to fit in; in fear of being different.

As we nestle into these boxes, a dilemma soon arises when we become increasingly aware, of how lonely it is living life boxed in by perception and the classification of normality. They limit creativity and curb our opportunities to innovate and express ourselves, because we continue to play within a space which we naively consider to be harmless. Yet it weakens courage and dwindles confidence.

They also limit our connection to others. They restrict how much we are willing to share and how much others have available to explore. Eventually, stepping outside of our proverbial boxes becomes a nonsensical notion, as we deem those living blissfully free from these restraints: brave, inspiring and/or foolish.

So if you’re sitting there reading this with hopeful desires, wishing and waiting for that one day, that one opportunity to lead your life into greatness. Then let your imagination soar and express your creativity and as you continue to create, you’ll find the courage to step outside of your box and showcase your identity.


Why You Should Always Challenge Yourself


When was the last time your identity was pushed to its limits? When did you last overcome an intimidating challenge?

How you deal with and overcome challenges is a skill you develop. If you're pretty good at it, chances are you've come across many challenges in your life. You've probably developed your skill well enough to withstand an array of pressures that life can throw at you.

One thing I advise people who pursue their own success, is to avoid complacency. The world and how it operates continues to evolve and change and our nature is to adapt to these changes. If you’re not nurturing your ability to overcome challenges, the more difficult it’ll be to adapt, more so when challenges are unavoidably presented.

As you become adapted to a life you've built, you may have learnt to avoid challenges as you nestle into comfort and ease. If you’re settled into routine and are comfortable in the everyday motions of life, it’s important to set yourself and see through goals/challenges regularly. They help you to strengthen your mindset, thus allowing you to tap into your identity; the stronger your will, the more confident and determined you’ll be to succeed in the passions YOU want to pursue.

Challenges present several learning opportunities that teach you more about yourself than you once thought. Challenges are a constant reminder, proof even, that personal potential is truly uncapped. If you're constantly nurturing this mindset, you build up a tolerance against negative infiltrations like procrastination, doubt, insecurity and anything else that keeps you from reaching your self-actualized state.

Your mind as well as your body can be pushed to surprising limits and in order for you to continue your journey towards self-actualization, you should seek to challenge yourself whenever an opportunity arises.  You should always keep your mind and your body engaged in a constant state of improvement and progression.

Regularly engaging in challenges also helps you build up a tolerance of what you can handle at any given time. Remember, the more success you accumulate in your life, the more challenges you’ll come across to maintain and grow it.

Always continue to push yourself further today, so that you’ll sail through the challenges of tomorrow.

Vancouver Relationship and Life Coach

5 Ways You Can Build Confidence in Your Abilities

courage A reason why a lot of people lack the ability to succeed, is due to a lack of confidence in themselves and their abilities. Many talk themselves out of it and others who are already so talented, often find it difficult to share their ability with others.

I was almost embarrassed to share my blog when I first started out, but it was around my 5th post I realised that if I don’t share the words that I write, I'll have no chance of ever becoming a successful. I’ll never know what it is I need to do to improve and grow.

I think the hardest thing was being vulnerable to criticism and judgement, but here are 5 easy steps to help realise your potential and build the confidence you need to share your abilities with others.

  1. Talk to yourself: I can’t begin to describe how weird it was talking to myself, but it helps. Saying what you really want from life out loud really moves that dream closer to reality. Many people have said it before I have; saying what you want out loud is the first step to believing in yourself. Try it, be it in the car on the commute to work or the bathroom mirror, it doesn't matter. Tell yourself what it is you want out of life and how you intend on getting it.
  2. Find Supporters: Before I had the guts to put my work up for everyone to see, I shared my work with close friends I trusted, I then moved into new territories of vulnerability when I introduced my blog to my family. Surprisingly they they told me to go for it, so I did just that. The support helps you push through doubt, although for some, it may be easier to go out and find support and encouragement from complete strangers; a 'like' or a 'follow' can provide just as much encouragement as you would get from your biggest fan.
  3. Always Learn and Improve: We have a number of ways to master our talents and improve our skills, even if we don’t have the money for expensive schooling. There's endless knowledge available at your fingertips: YouTube is a great way to begin, Edx is also a great resource! My dad always said to me “even if you become a Bin man, you must aim to be the best Bin man there ever was” In order to become the best, you need to always find ways to improve the skills and talents you have, master them! I employ this activity every single day, I try hard to improve and grow as a blogger, a coach and a person. Always be open to learning, it'll help you understand more about what you want so that you can confidently engage with others.
  4. Build a Network: Seek out others that share your dream: Want to sing? Find singers to jam with. Want to be an entrepreneur then seek out others that share that ambition... It’s not too difficult, if you look hard enough you’ll find many people who share a similar aspirations as yours. Work with each other and share your skills, you may even collaborate. Nothing gets my creative juices flowing than speaking with people who get what I get. It helps to know you’re not alone and although many may not understand, there will always be a few that do and before you know it, you’re surrounding yourself with the energy you need to make your dream a reality.
  5. NEVER lose sight: Never forget why and what you’re working for, hold onto your dream and never let go. Doubt and negativity will sometimes get in the way but so long as you keep fuelling that fire behind your passion, the easier it will be believing in yourself and to remain focused. I’m always open for constructive criticism and the opinions of experts, it's an opportunity to learn and grow, it’ll keep you grounded and on track with what it is you want to achieve.


Vancouver Relationship and Life Coach

Become More Confident: The Confidence and Curiosity Cycle


Curiosity boosting confidence – the most enriched people I've come across show signs of being able to boost confidence by delving into curiosity. Confidence grows as you continue to understand who you are and what you want, therefore when curiosity is explored you learn that much more about yourself, what you like and don’t like, if you are good at something or not – curiosity opens areas of your own person you never thought or believed existed. The scary part is you need to have the guts to plunge into it first, which is how confidence allows you to be more curious.

Achieve a result: When you finally dive into exploring curiosity, the biggest challenge is seeing it through; people fall at the first hurdle and it tends to negatively impact their confidence. So even though you may have just begun to explore, you need to push yourself until you achieve some sort of result in order for you to gain confidence. Otherwise, you may end up letting yourself down, leading to self doubt – which is how curiosity can negatively impact confidence.

 Confidence allowing us to be curious - Think about when you embarked on something new for the first time: like a job/new business, an extreme sport, even travelling on your own for the first time. Certain triggers led you there, the fears and anxieties often spark your curiosity, maybe it sparked an interest, maybe you saw someone else’s courage or maybe, you know what it will do to your own self-esteem if you ventured into curious territory. These triggers open up your mind, you want to learn and know more so you build confidence by gaining a level of understanding first – often leading to research and assessment. Others, on the other hand, can jump right in based on what they may already know or have experienced. Either way, you go through these steps in order to ease the pressure of the pursuit. As they say – knowledge is power and with this confidence you’re more likely to take a chance.

Take action: When you build your confidence to a level of allowing yourself to be curious - be curious and discover. I’ve noticed I can only build confidence when I pair it with action. You’ll notice that when you bump into people who only appear to be confident, it’s because they cannot pair action/evidence to what they appear to know.

The drawback and gain: When the cycle is fully deployed and you didn't gain the results you had expected, you can still leave with the peace of mind of knowing you had explored unknown/unfamiliar territory. Relishing in the fact you gained some sort of knowledge and understanding something you may never have understood before - be it about yourself or anything else. Although you may struggle to repeat the cycle again so soon, you will do so with more caution and preparation. Going through the whole cycle with a positive outcome, you will only become more curious and more confident or vice versa, and as you repeat the process over and over you will gain knowledge and understanding of whom you are which can only work wonders for your own self-esteem.

Vancouver Relationship and Life Coach