Adopt a Limitless Mindset

  Belief and Achievement Cycle


My own beliefs guide my achievements and each achievement encourages the pursuit of a bigger and stronger belief, the cycle goes on because I never limit myself and I'll continue to aim higher so long as I never let that cycle break.

One of the things I've been told all my life, is that I have always dreamed big and it's through having big dreams (beliefs) that I will achieve anything I set out to achieve. I will continue to aim higher because I'm never satisfied with being content with what I have, no matter how good it is.

I can't doubt that my life is very secure right now, I have stability, I have money coming in and I'm living the life I envisioned I'd be living at some point on my journey. Not everything is perfect, but I know I am very fortunate and I'm happy.

However, this for me is just another beginning. A vision of this life brought me here, but through the successes and through the challenges, my visions get bigger and have always continued to grow as I have.

For the longest time people around me thought that once I moved abroad, traveled the world, built a steady income, nice car, nice home etc, that I would start to settle and I'd finally be content. I'm not, it's just proved that believing there is always something better for myself out there for me to pursue.

Furthermore, it's not the items that I have accumulated that define my achievements, they simply provide a measurement of what I did with my potential.  But it doesn't just stop there...

... I also want to be in a position to help those around me, rather than donating double figures to worthy causes I want to be able to donate 4, 5, 6 or even  7+ figures. Instead of giving an hour a week of my time, I want to be in a position to offer up a whole year to people who need it.

Having a limitless mindset doesn't allow me to cap my potential nor does it allow me to believe that "this is it." It's a mindset we should all begin to adopt if we want something better for ourselves and continue to grow.

It's a mindset that has sent people into space, a mindset that allows us to communicate with the globe in an instant. It's the very mindset that has developed cures for illnesses and a mindset that gives people new hope.

Even with relationships, I won't just settle for the convenience of companionship until I find what I'm looking for.

I met a random couple in Seattle, WA that really put this in perspective for me. She was a "single, white, country mother" whose only focus was her children and her business and he, a self-proclaimed "Canadian, mixed race 'nerd'" who had zero interest in finding anyone. They had found each other on a chance meeting. They we're both on their own journey to shape life their own way, they pushed each other beyond their boundaries of comfort until they found comfort in one another. They stuck to their own identities, one not changing for the other...It was quite refreshing to see that these two opposites came together and it proved that you don't have to compromise your self-beliefs because there is a person suitable for you to share of your life with, as you are.

Every accomplishment in my life, and every thought I had that "life couldn't get any better" is soon dispelled when I realize the achievements I can gain if I continue to believe in myself and avoid complacency.

I'm letting my dreams and my goals grow bigger and bigger because I'm choosing to adopt a limitless mindset.

I also don't want to be another irritated soul telling my future  grandchildren to pursue their dreams and engage in their passions if I didn't. I want to guide by the examples of what I did over the examples of what I did not.

A limitless mindset allows you to always push yourself into believing that you can make so much more happen with your life. That you can have a bigger the page I wrote about Life and multiply the message times ten.

Never let the cycle of belief and achievement break, adopt a life without limitations and watch that cycle continue to grow.

Vancouver Relationship and Life Coach

Live Your Dream: Invest Your Time Wisely


Make a Splash! Remember when we were kids and we used to aimlessly jump into puddles, I remember I used to go out my way to find these shallow patches of water to make the biggest splash that I could. I’d get so carried away until I had completely drenched my socks misjudging the depth, but I didn’t care. I remember it being so thrilling because I was doing what I wanted to do, regardless of being told otherwise and each time it felt like some sort of accomplishment. Recently this random thought had stuck with me for a while and I noticed how differently many of us live our lives today. How many of us can honestly say we seek that thrill and want to make that impact? Don’t get me wrong I understand that we have responsibilities now and commitments that we never had before, but surely there’s still enough time to jump into a puddle now and then; investing time into shaping the life we want to lead will positively impact on our lives.

Do we invest enough time towards building the life we want to live and the way we want to live it? We continue to follow the same routine daily only to realize how much time we could have spent investing into our true goals. Things had recently settled down for me and I began to feel incredibly uncomfortable; surely working everyday and paying bills on time every month isn't what people have evolved to. I know there is so much more I want from life because there's so much more that life has to offer. I’m at a point now where I've met a lot of goals and now I’m ready to aim higher. I’m ready to jump into even bigger puddles.

I find it absolutely frustrating when I come across people who are willing to invest more time deciding on what type of partner they want before carving out an identity of their own. I find it disheartening when I see parents spend more time in a furniture store deciding on which coffee table to purchase rather than nurturing the minds of their offspring. I also find it bizarre how people can tell me more about other individuals, but can hardly piece two sentences together about themselves. At what point did this change, we start lives off so care-free and so individual to only have our identities consumed by the routines we follow. Somehow we decide to be a little more careful and take fewer risks; we find more time for the most insignificant decisions over investing time in shaping our own lives because we’re either afraid of failure or just learn that we simply can’t.

I turn to the people I admire today and am in awe of what they have achieved because it all started with a risk. Looking into a bold move and diving into a new challenge, they never allow themselves to become complacent and always aim higher. Never feeling they've hit their peak and investing their time wisely by seeking opportunity and focusing on goals by drowning out the pollution around them. My sister is probably one of the strongest willed people I know; a description of hell would probably sound like a vacation compared to the ups and downs she has faced in life, but nothing has stopped her from aiming higher to prove to herself, not to anybody else, that she can create a life that she is truly satisfied with.

Had a random conversation about the universe today and the topic lead to how minute our lives are in comparison to time and space, I thought to myself, f*** that! That notion doesn't work for me, I may be only one out of about 7 billion people on this planet but I’m going to make pretty damn sure that this “one” makes an impact on himself and actually lives. There’s already too many irritated souls filling this planet with doubt and negativity not realizing that the benefits of today came from the ones who made a big splash yesterday.  I’m not saying I want my name to go down in the history books and I don't adopt this mind-set purely for others to know who I am and what I’m about. I simply know what I can achieve for myself. Prove to myself that this life is worth more than a routine. Life shouldn't be wasted walking around puddles taking the safer route, just jump right in and make that splash!

Vancouver Relationship and Life Coach

Live Your Dream - Understand the Energy Connecting Passion and Belief

Image There’s a strong connection between passion and belief and depending on where you start, the energy will transfer and ignite the other, carrying the motivations which aid your goals.

Passion Impacting Belief

Having passion is like having learning tools; it’s the stuff that generates desires, our wants and needs. When we’re passionate about something we want to know more about it, we instinctively progress and naturally understand it and it’s as if our body and soul already knows what it wants and how to get it. Then energy from passion drives itself directly into belief. A belief holds what is true and what is real; executing life with passion will generate and encourage belief.

Sometimes believing can connote the distance between you and your ultimate goal but you can bridge that gap by pursuing passions.  I speak to people every single day that find it extremely tough to talk openly about their aspirations, because of the fear of it not happening. They lack the belief because they can’t, won’t or don’t apply passion to what they currently pursue, so like the image above, their life is seemingly motionless. Pursuing passion gives you something to believe in; passion is the force behind the validity of a belief, it allows you to set goals in motion to attain success. If you notice people living their dreams you’ll notice they invested in their passions and made their passions their life, leading them to success and happiness.

Belief Engaging Passion

A failure to believe or weak beliefs tend to affect the impact on engaging passion. I found having a strong belief led me to something I was passionate about. I hadn’t discovered or even thought writing was an option for me, but what got me here was a strong belief in that I will one day be sharing what I know to guide others. I pursued many different avenues and I discovered my passion for writing. If you can truly believe in your dreams, then you’ll set the goals to shape that belief and it’ll lead you to your passion. It seems a bit radical but a belief is a vital tool to carry along with you on your journey towards success. It allows you to explore opportunities and overcome challenges.

To put this more simply, a belief is like the destination and passion is like the mode of transportation. If you know where you’re going then you need to source out the best way to get there. On the other hand, you may already have a way to get somewhere but you just need to consider where you’re going.

Motivation and Setting Goals


There’s an eagerness and interest that we hold in each passion and belief, it’s is why we’re motivated by them. Relating back to my previous post on motivation, passions and beliefs are great motivational triggers and when motivated, we’re inspired to set and work on goals.

Lastly, whichever way we begin, passions and beliefs will always require action to be successful. Knowing this is just an insight and like Newton’s Cradle, to see it work, you need to take action for the energy to travel through. One will always continue to impact the other, so execute passion in all that you do and start to believe in what you can achieve. Allow your passion to encourage your belief and encourage your belief to pursue you passion.


Vancouver Relationship and Life Coach