Our Mission:

At VanCity Life Coach Inc., we’re dedicated to evolving the human experience.

We firmly believe that every single individual deserves to experience fulfillment within their lives, and we pride ourselves on helping our clients, affiliates, and peers discover and harness their potential.

We develop strong client relationships with integrity, and honor our client’s confidentiality.

We’re committed to raising industry standards, and we’ll continue to develop our programs and models to ensure they align with industry advancements and social needs.

We aim to make coaching services affordable and accessible to as many people as possible, without compromising on our standard of service.

We actively seek opportunities to work with local communities, to help enrich the lives of youth and at-risk youth.

Finally, at VanCity Life Coach Inc, we’re driven to deliver our programs and services to the global community in a sustainable way, and inspire individuals from around the world to build full and fulfilling lives.

Commitment to sustainability:

  • To reduce our carbon footprint by utilizing technological advancements and online resources to coach our clients.

  • To share our sustainable coaching methods with the coaching industry, and encourage our stakeholders to develop in a sustainable direction.

  • To ensure that we work with and learn from local communities, to make our programs and services more relevant and accessible.

  • To help our clients achieve sustainable results from our programs and services.

- Terry Sidhu, Founder, VanCity Life Coach Inc.

Our Current Programs:

Terry Sidhu - Personal and Professional Development Expert & Founder of VanCity Life Coach Inc. Dedicated to uphold our values, and services.

Dream Life Design - Our online, self paced, personal development programs help make our services more accessible and affordable.

Infinite Life - Cannabis-Friendly Meditation Coaching (420 Meditation Coaching): Committed to developing sustainable mental health management and improving cognitive ability. Enroll in our FREE online meditation Course!

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