Terry Sidhu, Founder, VanCity Life Coach Inc.

Terry Sidhu, Founder, VanCity Life Coach Inc.

Terry Sidhu

Life Coach | Meditation Teacher | Guest Speaker

Terry launched his life coaching practice off of the success of his blog, The Lion’s Life, rated one of the top 30 life blogs online.

After launching his company, VanCity Life Coach Inc. in 2014, Terry quickly became recognized as one of the top Life and Relationship Coaches in Vancouver, Canada, and has since expanded his practice internationally.

In the summer of 2018 he launched a cannabis-friendly meditation program, Infinite Life, designed with independent mental health management in mind.

Terry’s method to coaching is like no other in the industry. With an empathetic and non-aggressive approach, Terry prides himself on educating his clients about their unique value as he helps them develop a plan to attain fulfillment. His coaching model puts his clients’ identity at the center of their development, emphasizing the value of self-expression and individuality.

Utilizing his education in Marketing and Psychology, paired with his childhood education in Meditation, Terry's multidisciplinary approach has put him in high demand for his personal development services. His techniques and programs are designed to help his clients develop the awareness and clarity they need, in order to build their lives into fulfillment.

Terry believes that raising awareness is the key to tackling mental health and recognizing one's own value. From life planning through to meditation instruction, he provides the tools to help his clients accept themselves and realize what they're truly capable of.