The key ingredient to fulfillment and definitive life choices, in any aspect of life, is a strong and affirmed identity.




My coaching services work on restoring your self-worth, and help you uncover and access your potential. By helping you understand more about yourself and your own personal motivations, together we can pinpoint key areas in need of development, and construct a program to guide your life into fulfillment. We’ll break down your aspirations into manageable steps, and strengthen your vulnerabilities to withstand any challenges you may encounter along the way. By unleashing your identity onto your life, I will help you realize that you are your most valuable asset.


Relationships are the assembly of individual identities. They’re about support, equality, balance and most importantly, acceptance. My relationship services are dedicated to helping couples and group/family units restore these fundamental components, and to be mindful of them.

I also offer group coaching workshops, and mentoring programs that prepare individuals to excel in a world where their ideas are just as fundamental to success, as their experience and education.

Originally from the U.K. I left behind a convenient life, centered around a prosperous career in Marketing, in pursuit of genuine and lasting fulfillment. I applied tools designed to help corporations expand and grow successfully, onto my own life goals and aspirations. When I moved to Vancouver, B.C. I started blogging about my experiences and The Lion’s Life grew into a platform for advice, and inspiration for people across the world. The response I received was so inspiring, that it ignited a passion within me to help others, and cultivated my career into life coaching. 

With a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management, and a diploma in Psychology, I developed a model that will help you navigate your life into fulfillment. A model which combines the applied management tools of marketing, and the motivational applications of psychology. Furthermore, I actively seek connections and developments in areas such as: Psychology, Science, Business and Marketing, History, and Philosophy. I also incorporate spiritual practices such as meditation and mindfulness, to better serve my clients, and improve my coaching practice.

The details of our individual lives may differ, but we all desire the same emotional experiences from life. Therefore, we’ll explore your feelings to define and guide you onto an honest path, aligned with who you truly are, and what you truly desire from life. You will most definitely laugh along the way, and you may even shed some tears, but I guarantee that you'll feel more confident, more prepared, and more motivated to build the life you were born to live.


Coaching Services


My work involves empowering your identity to guide your life into fulfillment. With a variety of coaching options available, I'll cater a program that'll help you achieve your coaching goals.

  • Learn How to Effectively Evaluate and Reflect
  • Revive Your Identity and Establish Your Purpose
  • Identify Changes and Define Your Life Missions
  • Set and Start Work Toward Your Goals
  • Develop A Positive Mindset and an Optimistic Outlook on Life
  • Boost Motivation and Increase Productivity
  • Improve Confidence and Learn to Trust Yourself
  • Tackle Insecurity and Self-Doubt


Many pressures, both internal and external can influence problems inside of your relationship. I'll help you and your partner overcome the troubles caused by your differences, and then guide you through to restoring balance.

  • Learn How to Identify and Overcome Recurring Problems
  • Better Communicate to Your Partner
  • Restore Balance and Partnership
  • Strengthen Trust and Honesty
  • Explore How Your Relationship Has Evolved
  • Understand How Personal Motivations Impact Your Relationship
  • Reconnect You to Your Relationships Purpose
  • Revive Your Individual Identities


When individuals are brought together and form a unit, it’s important to regularly evaluate, and communicate openly to minimize conflict. I help family/group units develop a stronger bond, and come together as a team.

  • Understand Individual Strengths
  • Learn How to Create a Safe and Comfortable Environment for Open Communication
  • Improve Communication Between Family/Group Members
  • Establish How Individual Identities Impact One Another
  • Identify How Each Person Contributes to The Unit
  • Set and Start Work Toward Group Goals
  • Learn How to Effectively Evaluate and Reflect
  • Boost Motivation and Increase Productivity


  • Group Coaching Workshops
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Community Support Services
  • Harm Reduction Consulting
  • Integration Services


For all booking inquiries please: Call: (+1) 604-362-0695 or, E-mail: booking@vancitylifecoach.com to schedule a free consultation.


Personal Coaching

Invite me into your life and I'll lead you into fulfillment.

Whether you're looking for a boost in motivation and esteem, or needing to renew your lease on life. My personal coaching sessions and coaching packages, are structured around your needs and requirements.

  • Hourly Coaching Sessions
  • Session Packages 
  • Email and Text Support
  • Post-Program Evaluation
  • Post-Program Follow-up

Online Coaching

Let's connect and I'll guide you on your way.

The same life coaching program available wherever you are. Having worked with individuals around the globe, my online coaching services will help navigate you to the emotional experiences we all desire from life.

  • Hourly Online-Coaching Sessions
  • Online-Session Packages
  • Email and Text Support
  • Post-Program Evaluation
  • Post-Program Follow-up

Group CoachinG

Attend my workshop and I'll teach you how to manage the unimaginable. 

Learn how to harness your potential, plan your life, and develop your aspirations based on the traits of your identity. Be a part of a community of support, as you navigate through this life affirming program.

  • 8-Week Coaching Program:
    • 60-90 min Group Sessions x 7
    • Personal Coaching Session x 1
  • Online Group Support
  • Post-Program Social



Terry has been amazing. I couldn't be happier with the experience that I have had with him. Terry first tries to figure out what makes you 'tick' then begins to formulate a plan together with you that will allow you to reach your goals, starting with the person you are at the beginning. He teaches you what you need to understand regarding the model he presents, gives you the tools to build it, then 'pushes you out of the nest' in order for you to grow. During the process his insight and feedback give you an opportunity to truly reflect upon what is going on inside and around you. He certainly has an amazing ability to read situations and people in a way that paints a very clear picture. I am so excited to see what else we will work on when begin the next phase.

Andrew Cyr, 40, Pharmaceutical Sales Manager, Scottsdale, AZ

(6-week Online Coaching Program)

SIMPLY THE BEST. Before choosing to work with Terry, I spoke with 4 other Life Coaches and a psychologist; I was really lost and trying everything (and everyone) that could help me surpass what I was going through. I was convinced that I wanted to work with a female Life Coach (being a female myself), but from the first 2 minutes of speaking to Terry, I felt that this was someone who really gets me (like a close friend) and knows what I'm going through. Terry had the best advice on various "life situations" and all the tips he gave me always made perfect sense. He's truly the best guide to help anyone get through a difficult or confusing period. When I first contacted Terry, I didn't even know what was going wrong. He helped me pinpoint what wasn't going well and how to make it go well - without taking drastic decisions right away that I might regret later. I would recommend Terry to anyone who's feeling confused at any point in their life regarding any situation... Terry will be there to listen to you and to guide you to a happier and more positive place. Thank you Terry for doing this for a living and for spreading positivity in the world.

Karina, 28, Key account manager, Quebec.

(6-week Online Coaching Program)

Sam, 25, Self employed, Vancouver, B.C.

(8-week Group coaching Program)

Farnosh, 20, Vancouver, B.C. 

(8-week Group coaching Program)

I met Terry at a very interesting point in my life. I found myself at a crossroad completely clueless of what am i supposed to do with my life and my mind just couldn't stop rushing and pulling me in all directions. That's when I decided I need help. I learned during his group coaching program about perspective and about always finding a way out from every situation. What Terry will continue to reinforce is that for the best results you have to be completely honest with yourself, and that's what I was trying to avoid at all costs. Sometimes truth is ugly but we have to face it. He is also emphasizing on how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Get out of my comfort zone, look beyond the limits I foolishly set for myself, push the boundaries of my mind and making me aware of the world inside and out. I'm very grateful for the opportunity of being in his group coaching program, I've learned so much more with his help than relying solely on myself.

Cristina, 23, Guest service agent, Vancouver, B.C. 

(8-week Group coaching Program)

I was referred to Terry by a family member who recommended him after using his services. I was skeptical at first as I have generally found most coaching/psychological services unhelpful but Terry proved to be different. If you are looking to make some positive life/career/relationship changes in a short period of time, Terry is your man. He is highly insightful and skilled at reading and understanding people at a core level. Within the first session he recognized my strength/challenges and easily identified self-defeating ideologies and habits that stood in my way from reaching my full potential. In the four sessions I had with him, we were able to find direction in both my personal and career life and develop a plan for implementation. Terry not only spent as much time as I needed during our sessions but he also spent a lot of time doing research, providing useful links/ information and providing written follow-up and action plans. He is professional and personable and genuinely cares about his clients. Most importantly he is highly effective at what he does. I felt his services were excellent value and I would highly recommend him.

Diana C., 39, Burnaby, B.C.

8-week personal Coaching Program)

This was my first time with professional coaching services and I thought it was a very positive experience. Terry helped me change my perspective on people and situations in my life, and showed me some techniques and tools to better myself, stay positive and move forward in my life. Terry is very perceptive, and taught me a lot about myself. He was organized and put a lot of thought into each session, and any feedback. I felt like he really paid attention and remembered our conversations, and catered the sessions to my interests, goals and what would personally benefit myself.

MAdeline adams, 24, Photographer, VANCOUVER, B.C.

(8-week personal Coaching Program)

Terry is an amazing Life Coach. Not only is he compassionate and caring, but he is also intuitive and perceptive and has the ability to quickly see things that you aren't willing to see or are in denial on. When I met Terry I was depressed and lonely. I was in denial that my estranged husband hadn't treated me as well as I deserved to be treated, that he took me for granted and that I deserved better. I was hanging onto what little of it had been good and was in denial about the bad. This was primarily due to my loneliness and childhood abuse issues, so I was hanging on to what was familiar to me and was longing to get back with my husband. Due to Terry's guidance I was able to see that my matrimonial home was a source of loneliness for me and that I needed to find what inspired me, as far as a career was concerned as I had recently been laid off. I decided to sell my house and found another house I fell in love with that I could make my own. I also decided to take the opportunity of going back to school through sponsorship from Employment Insurance. And I realized that my husband had not made our marriage a priority and that I deserved better. But I decided to put any dating on hold until I found myself to be stronger emotionally, and free from any emotional baggage from my marriage. Terry allowed me to see how I could be a positive role model for my young teenage son, by becoming a strong empowered woman and be able to be there emotionally and physically for my son. Now I am feeling positive and excited about my life going forward and hope to one day have a fulfilling career and loving relationship I deserve. And I couldn't have done it without Terry's guidance and enlightenment. 

Julianna FOSTER, 49, Vancouver, B.C. 

(8-week Personal Coaching Program)

Fate has brought me to cross paths with Terry and it was the best thing that happened to me in 2015. I lacked purpose and was desperate for some help and guidance and didn't know what to expect from a "life coach" and, in approximately 2 months, I am a more determined person, more positive, energetic and aware of my surroundings because of Terry's coaching techniques. 

I can proudly say that I am so much closer to finding out my purpose in life thanks to Terry. He manages to get the best out of me and he put me on the right path. He is highly recommended. Terry is genuine, dedicated, very patient, understanding and many more but most of all, he is very passionate about what he does and that's the most important thing.

Nada, 27, Cairo, egypt.

(8-week online Coaching Program)

I found Terry to be extremely helpful in gaining perspective in my life, and he offered me concise tools to use in order to increase a positive outlook! He was extremely sensitive, kind and intuitive and was very easy to talk to. He also did not "hold my hand" all the time, and used appropriate moments to pose challenging and awkward questions. We never want to answer those, but it's important for digging beneath the surface of our emotions. This talk was invaluable. Thank-you so much!!

Hayley Crittenden, 34, OPERA Singer, VANCOUVER B.C.

(2-week Life Coaching Program)

Thank you again Terry for the awesome session. That day, you helped me figure out how to have a better state of mind and drive to achieve better in life. You made me realize how to have a more balanced, more fulfilling and more enjoyable life by letting the past go so I'm not carrying it on my back. Before, I was holding onto old beliefs and old mindsets that really didn't help me. You made me realize the more I appreciate my present and future, the more positive mindset I will have. When you reminded me that it's what I do and how I act is something that will duplicate in my daughter, is what really hit me because I was doing things that I would not want my daughter to ever do. That is when I decided to let go of things and stop putting my life on hold and focus on my journey with my daughter for the better.

Thank you so much again. Keep doing what you're doing because your coaching sessions are incredibly inspiring, and I value your expertise and support that guided me to my individual strength and need. Thanks for the motivation and self-direction I needed.

Pritika Gandhi, 28, Self-Employed, VANCOUVER B.C. 

(2-week personal Coaching Program)

Great! Terry thanks so much for meeting with me. - In a very rich and intense couple of hours he opened my eyes to some things I was not considering in my relationship. He was full of insight and wasn't afraid to ask tough questions. He listened to me and tailored his coaching to my specific situation. It was a very valuable experience for me.


(1-hour personal coaching)

Terry has played a tremendous part in how I approach every day challenges both in my personal life and in my work environment. Confidence and patience have always been two areas I have had difficulty with. My time with Terry has helped me take a calmer approach to numerous personal hurdles such as the frustration of not being able to immediately start a family, an issue I have been anxious about and struggled with for some time. He is a wonderful and kind person who you can easily open up to and feel comfortable around. Terry has the gift of being able to make you understand the bigger picture of any scenario and help you understand the steps involved for you to reach your ultimate goal.

Olivia, 27, Sales Manager, Vancouver B.C.

(6-week personal coaching program)

I've always been motivated and determined in my life, both in my career and personal life. However, over the past few months, I've ended up losing my sense of direction. I had felt like I was simply going through the motions of things, struggling to find my purpose in life. Working with Terry had been one of the best decisions I've made since. Terry's understanding and expertise in building a solid foundation in life played a key role in reconstructing and redefining my own. With Terry's guidance, I've been able to find my footing and my purpose again. He has been a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him to others. Two thumbs up!

JUSTINA, 22, Author/founder of 'the personal geographic', VANCOUVER B.C.

(6-week personal coaching program)


Life Coach

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